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KEA ZN8: Low cost debugger/programmer

Question asked by RICHARD PAYNE on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by Martin Kovar

I have installed S32 Design Studio to experiment and try out IDE and S9KEAZN8AMTG device that I have on hand now.


I'm familar with LPCExpresso with low cost debugger/programmer device (Link2) that I used for various LPC devices and projects. 


The price for JLINK is indeed expensive,  is there low cost alternative for light use. We want to experience this device if they suitable for our application before we splash out industrial JLINK.


(1) I can see JLINK EDU is might be all I need, cost 60 Euro correct?


(2) It very tempting to look into JLINK clone from ebay, can this be used?. Has anyone used this device and work fine?.


(3) EVAL board TRK-KEA8, can they debug external device, cost 45 Euro, will S32 design studio support this?, I do not see this listed in feature sheet only JLINK and P&E device