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how to enable interrupt for flexray in 5748g

Question asked by Boyoung Mun on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by Martin Kovar





I would like to enable interrupts for flexray using MPC5748g and XPC56XX EVB.

So I set the interrupt priority and core as below, but it is not working well.

Would you please check those values are correct or not?


INTC.PSR[462].B.PRC_SELN = 0x8;

INTC.PSR[462].B.PRIN =1;

INTC.PSR[461].B.PRC_SELN = 0x8;

INTC.PSR[461].B.PRIN =1;

INTC.PSR[402].B.PRC_SELN = 0x8;

INTC.PSR[460].B.PRIN =1;

INTC.PSR[459].B.PRC_SELN = 0x8;

INTC.PSR[459].B.PRIN =1;

INTC.PSR[458].B.PRC_SELN = 0x8;

INTC.PSR[458].B.PRIN =1;

INTC.PSR[457].B.PRC_SELN = 0x8;

INTC.PSR[457].B.PRIN =1;

INTC.PSR[456].B.PRC_SELN = 0x8;

INTC.PSR[456].B.PRIN =1;

INTC.PSR[455].B.PRC_SELN = 0x8;

INTC.PSR[455].B.PRIN =1;