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control gets struck,For FCCU reset

Question asked by Harshavardhan bhat on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2016 by Harshavardhan bhat


 using MPC5744


I am trying to get FCCU reset,

The control gets struck in while loop, The operation I am trying to do is as follows

  1. unlocking the configuration by putting trans key as 0xBC
  2. provided configuration key as 0x913756AF
  3. changing the FCCU mode to confirmation mode and waiting for operation to get successful ( this where struck)
  4. configuring the FCCU react for short reset reaction
  5. and injecting the fake fault status
  6. reading the status register





  FCCU.CTRL.B.OPR=0X0F;       // puts into Idle state



  /* Unlock configuration */



  /* provide Config state key */

  FCCU.CTRLK.R = 0x913756AF;


  /* enter config state - OP1 */

  FCCU.CTRL.R = 0x1;



  /* Verify if state change was sucessful */

  while (test != 0x3);         //operation status succesfull


  //FCCU.CTRL.B.DEBUG = 0x1;                   // debug mode 


  /* Configure FCCU to react on NCF[7] with short reset */

  FCCU.NCFS_CFG[0].R = 0x0000;

  FCCU.NCFS_CFG[0].R = 0x8000;                              // short reset reaction