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USDPAA Linux SDK 1.6

Question asked by Bogdan Tanasa on Nov 22, 2016
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I am using SDK 1.6 and there seems to be a contradiction in the manual (i.e. Freescale SDK 1.6 Document Number: QORIQSDK RevB, Sept 2014) about the use of USDPAA.


I section there is a paragraph saying that the tree property "fsl, usdpaa-portal" must be used in the device tree to indicate to the kernel that a given portal is to be used by USDPAA. However, later in the document in section there is a paragraph saying that for sdk 1.2 and later versions the portals do not need to have the tree property "fsl, usdpaa-portal".


So what I want to ask is do I have to use "fsl, usdpaa-portal" and "cpu-handle" to reserve some portals for USDPAA and declare their affinity or this will be done automatically when invoking b/qman_global_init?


Moreover, I am using a T4240 which has 15 QMAN pool channels. All the applications that are in the usdpaa packet come with defines like NUM_POOL_CHANNELS 4. Why is this the case? There is any way to query the number of pool

channels from application?


PS: I also attach the manual to make it easy.


Any help is appreciated.