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MPC5748G  :1588 Timer interrupt

Discussion created by yoann le jeune on Nov 8, 2016
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Hi everybody.

I’m encountering an issue with the ENET controller on a MPC5748G target. Especialy with the 1588 part.

The ENET is, at this time, pretty right configurated. Today i’m able to receive frame on it. Each time a frame is received an interrupt is rised and a routine is called. That is working.

Now i would like to have an interrupt at each 1588 period (1s). Hereafter i’m listing registers i configure to do that :

ATCR=0x00000011 (PEREN=1 ; EN=1)

ATPER=0x3B9ACA00 (1second)

ATINC=0x00003D3D (60ns period (~16.666MHz))


EIR[TS_TIMER]=1 (to clear the interrupt)

With the debugger, i can see the EIR[TS_TIMER] set to 1 each time i clear it by writing a one. But when i run the program, no external interrupt is detected by the core and my routine is never called.

Did i miss configuring something to have this interrupt ?