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Help needed on LPC407x Development Environment Setup

Question asked by Krishna D on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by LPCX presso support

Hi Community Members,

         I am setting a complete development environment based on LPC407X processor. I did go through NXP's product website, when i look into my requirments there are some loose ends here. Hence i am posting my concerns, below are the tools i am considering followed by the questions:


1: Evaluation Board: (
2: Debugger: ULINKpro-D (
3: IDEs: LPCxpresso IDE v8.2.2 (


1: Is LPCxpresso IDE enough to code, debug and load the binary to memory (RAM or NVM). I will be developing code for bare metal applications. I understand that there is a download limit of 256KB when using non-pro version of IDE. Are there any other alternatives of LPCxpresso IDE which    can help me in debugging and downloading binary to the target platform so that it boots on the platform.
2: For Debugging and loading the binary (bare metal executable) is ARM's unipro debugger good enough for general purpose.Is it compatible with the above mentioned EVal    board and IDE.
3: Is NXP's Eval board compatible with above mentioned debugger and IDE?

Kindly let me know if the above setup is a good combination of power vs price. Basically i am looking for a good setup with best price vs feature combination. If there are other better combination of tools please do let me know. I don't need display and similar peripherals but we are fixed on the processor.