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How am I supposed to use the USB component on an MKL26z32

Question asked by Bernd Kreuss on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Bernd Kreuss

How am I supposed to use the USB peripheral on an MKL26z32 when the generated code for an empty(!) project with USB HID in Kinetis Design studio already overflows the available Flash of 32k by 3k?


I generated an empty project in KDS and after building that "empty" project for the first time it generated 10k code and after enabling -Os and -flto it was still 8k.


Then I added the usb hid device component, configured it for "mouse" and it overflowed the available flash.


What is the purpose of the USB-Peripheral in the KL26z32 if it can't be used with Kinetis IDE software? What are my Options now? Should I spend the time to learn the lowest levels of USB communication and write my own USB driver from scratch, thereby reducing the needed size from 35k to probably less than 5k? Or maybe has someone else already written a bare bones minimal driver for this peripheral together with a simple demo app, preferrably completely IDE-agnostic (plain and simple makefile project)? Does something like that exist?