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LS1021A-IOT SDK and SD Card kernel version mismatch?

Question asked by John Smith on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by Pavel Chubakov

I am attempting to build an out-of-tree kernel module against the LS1021A-IOT SDK (specifically, "LS1021A-IoT Rev B Gateway Reference Design SDK Source ISO") and load it on my platform, the LS1021A-IOT.  This is not the Rev B board with Rev 2.0 silicon, i.e.,

>U-Boot SPL 2014.01Layerscape-SDK-V1.3+g50d6848 (Dec 01 2014 - 13:42:50)

>U-Boot 2014.01Layerscape-SDK-V1.3+g50d6848 (Dec 01 2014 - 13:42:50)

>CPU:   Freescale LayerScape LS1021E, Version: 1.0, (0x87081110)


I built the module and tried to load it, which produced the following result:

>root@FSL:~/test# insmod ./test.ko
>[264884.711792] test: version magic '3.12.37-rt51+ls1 SMP mod_unload ARMv7 p2v8 ' should be '3.12.0+ SMP mod_unload ARMv7 p2v8 '
>insmod: ERROR: could not insert module ./test.ko: Invalid module format


Here are the steps I used to generate the module:

1. Installed SDK according to START_HERE.html on ISO

2. Built fsl-image-flash according to same

3. Rebuilt kernel image according to same (no changes)

4. Installed standalone toolchain according to same

5. Built hostprogs:

>cd /opt/sdk/Freescale-Linux-SDK-for-LS1021A-IOT-Rev2-v0.4-20150907-yocto.iso/build_ls1021aiot_release/tmp/work/ls1021aiot-fsl-linux-gnueabi/linux-ls1/3.12-r0/sysroot-destdir/usr/src/kernel

>make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/fsl-networking/QorIQ-SDK-V1.8/sysroots/x86_64-fslsdk-linux/usr/bin/arm-fsl-linux-gnueabi/arm-fsl-linux-gnueabi- scripts

6. Built external module:

> cd ~/test

> make -C /opt/sdk/Freescale-Linux-SDK-for-LS1021A-IOT-Rev2-v0.4-20150907-yocto.iso/build_ls1021aiot_release/tmp/work/ls1021aiot-fsl-linux-gnueabi/linux-ls1/3.12-r0/sysroot-destdir/usr/src/kernel M=`pwd` modules


The module appears valid, but it will not load due to the version mismatch.  Is there an SDK available which matches the original LS1021A-IOT?  The only download I could find was the Rev B version listed above.  Some of the other QorIQ SDKs appear to have Cortex-A7 support, but it's not clear if they target this board.


Thank You