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Audio codec not working with L4.1.15_1.1.0_ga_images

Question asked by Sourabh Das on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by Sourabh Das


I am using imx6ulevk board. I am new in audio codec stuff. Initially I tried with L3.14.38 prebuilt images that I downloaded from the nxp website.

I recorded some sound with arecord utility and played it back to my PC. It was playing well.


Next I tried with L4.1.15_1.1.0_ga_images which was the latest image that I downloaded from nxp website. I tried the arecord utility to record some sound, but it was not geting record. I tried this several times with L4.1.15_1.1.0_ga_images, but I am not able to record anything.

I tried this command:

arecord -d 10 test.wav


Kindly help me in this.