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UART Receiving Problem IMX6Q bare-metal programming 

Question asked by Khaled Ali on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2016 by Khaled Ali

Hello All,
I tried to configure the UART peripheral in IMX6Q using the reference manual Chapter64 section 13.1

with header "Programming the UART in RS-232 mode" i just made little changes with control flow to make it a software instead of hardware and the baud rate also the RXFIFO trigger level to 1 character instead of 30
In the main program:
i tried to write directly to the UTXD register
and the output correctly appeared.
and i tried in an infinite loop to read any data from URXD register and then forward it to the UTXD

but when trying to write anything to the console there is no thing happened and i receive nothing.
so can anyone help me figure out what is the problem ?


i even tried to see the registers using the jtag connection with Dstream device but all memory locations are accessible except for the
UART registerts?