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K24 packet loss issue on UART1

Question asked by Praveen Kajjam on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by krishna kishore

We are facing some timing
issues on UART1 interfaced to BLE module of BlueGiga. We observed some packet
loss issues on data when we received in mobile over the air. We hooked up a
serial logic analyzer on UART1 and able to find clear timing issue on CTS. K24
is unable to handle the short RTS pulse from BLE module at higher bauds (115K).
Refer the attached images of LA capture for the behavior of CTS for good packet
transfer Vs bad packet transfer. UART1 behavior is stable until 38400 baud and
never observer any packet loss issue.

Also referred the silicon errata of K24 but it gave workaround for data
reception on UART1 but not for transmission. Please let us know how we can
handle this issue? This project is on critical path and this issue is holding
us to exit validation phase. Request you to quickly step into this issue and
provide us a quick resolution.