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Stuck with Default ISR

Question asked by Michael Koller on Jul 31, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by Alice_Yang

Hey there!


For a couple of hours now I try to get a previously working project running again.

(I have switched the Debugger from OpenOCD to PEMicro, because the K64F was unresponsive and dropped a new .bin file into the bootloader, otherwise everything should be exactly the same.)

In my project I am using Uart, SPI and the low power timer, so far.

One driver example(uart non blocking), that I modified a bit and was ok before, works to an extent, not all of it (flow control).

I made a new project to see if that maybe works. I thought I had the solution, when I noticed I had forgotten to copy the fsl_uart_irq.c, fsl_dspi_irq.c and fsl_lptmr_irq.c file into the Sources folder. So I thought, thats why I was stuck at the default ISR during runtime. But that only solved the problem for the LPTMR and DSPI.

UART still doesn't work and I suspect I have forgotten to declare or include something.


Here are my includes:






















I also have the necessary files in the Sources/Board and Sources/Utilities folder. I have found 2 pdf files that describe how to set up a new project and I've followed them.


I think it is again a beginner mistake, and maybe someone here can see it!


Thanks for any help and information,