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[Calypso6M Reset Issue] - Double Bit ECC errors detected during Flash usage for EEPROM Emulation

Question asked by KPIT Support on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by Lukas Zadrapa

Dear Support Team,


We have integrated the NXP MCAL version MPC574XG_MCAL_1_0_1_RTM_ASR_REL_4_0_REV_0003_20150710  to the Calypso6M (part number SPC5748CMMJ6, mask 1N81M). The NXP flash driver and NXP Flash EEPROM Emulation Module are currently configured to utilise sectors starting 0x00FB0000 and 0x00FB8000 for NVM purposes.


We have been experiencing recently a double bit ECC error detection in the EEPROM Emulation Memory on the latest hardware samples that we have received. We have done analysis on the issue and have observed that the failed parts have the Error Flag set in the MEMU_0 for the Flash and SRAM (ERR_FLAG set to 0x00000A08). The flash memory area that has been reported to be faulty is 0x00FB0000, 0x00FB0008 (FLASH_UNCERR_ADDR set to 0x00FB0000 or 0x00FB0008). The same is the case with the SYS RAM (SYS_RAM_UNCERR_ADDR set to 0x00FB0000 or 0x00FB0008).


Apart from handling the corrupt flash area, we wanted to understand the reason for the flash area to be corrupted during NVM emulation and if there are known issues/application notes available for the issue.


I have attached the CPU register snapshot for the working and non-working ECU for your reference.




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