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Makefile Changes to SE Application Note Projects

Question asked by Thomas Jacobson on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Adam Jacob

I'm trying to compile the Smart Energy projects that came with the SE Application Note (JN-AN-1135). However, I'm using BeyondStudio, and needed to follow the Migration Guideline document (JN-AN-1202) since these projects haven't been modified yet to work with BeyondStudio. In the Migration document, it says that cygwin is no longer installed with "the new toolchain" (I'm assuming this is BeyondStudio), and that we should use MinGW instead. My problem is that the Makefiles for each project all use cygwin, so the 'make all' command is failing before compilation even begins.


I've never used cygwin nor MinGW, so I have no idea what changes would need to be made, if any. Could someone assist me with the changes, or point me in the right direction if something else needs to be done? I can provide code if necessary. But again, it's from the Smart Energy Application Note, JN-AN-1135.



- Tom