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FRDM-K64K - ENET not receiving Messages

Question asked by joe hinkle on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by jeremyzhou

I'm porting the FreeRtos_IP stack to my K64 board.


I had a different stack running on a K60 TWR several years ago and used pretty much the same ENET driver.


I'm not getting a reply to a DHCP request.


I instrumented the ENET driver to write any outgoing Ethernet packets and all packets received to a SD card.  I'm waiting for my HUB to come in from ebay so I can actually run wireshark and see what's really happening.


The outgoing DHCP is properly formed but all I'm receiving are broadcast packets (I get 12 between the 2 DHCP request packets.


Several years ago on the K60 TWR, I populated IAUR/IALR with a hash generated from the MAC address.


I'm doing that again with the K64 but in researching my issue I looked at several other drivers and noticed no one is setting the IAUR/IALR any more --- just leaving them 0.


I've test both ways with no success.


Does IAUR/IALR still need to have a hash bit set for the units MAC?


Any thoughts on why I'm only receiving broadcast messages and not any for my specific MAC?


Thanks in advance for any comments.