Problem with LPCXpresso Display of NVIC Registers

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Sal Ammoniac on Sun Sep 21 09:52:16 MST 2014
I have LPCXpresso 7.3.0, an LPC-Link 2, and a LPC4357 board.

I write to the NVIC NVIC_IPR0-NVIC_IPRxx registers to set interrupt priority of the peripherals (SSP, I2C, etc.) I use. When I look at the NVIC registers by selecting "NVIC" from the "Peripherals" window, it appears that most of the IPR registers that I set are still zero. Some of them, however, do reflect what I wrote. If I right-click and select "refresh", the registers do not change and several of them still display "0" despite being written with another value.

If I programatically read back the IPR registers, they do reflect the values that I wrote to them, so I know that I'm writing them correctly -- LPCXpresso is just not displaying them correctly.

The same issue applies to the System Handler Priority registers. I write them to set the interrupt priority of the Systick and PendSV interrupts, yet when I look at those registers with LPCXpresso, I can see that only the register corresponding to PendSV shows the value I wrote to it -- the register for Systick still displays "0" even though I've verified that the value I wrote is actually set.

Is this a known problem? When is it going to be fixed?