Why does semihosting stop working when I add c++ code to the system

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by modig on Fri Apr 10 02:22:17 MST 2015

I am new to using the LPCXpresso and have a LPCXpresso11U68 which I want to run some c++ code on.

( Uisng version  v.7.7.2_379 )

I created a new c++ project and switched on the newlib adding the following printf statement to to the main routine

while(1) {
i++ ;
if ( i > 10000)
printf ( "hello world \n\r");
i =0;

This all works well and I see a continous stream of output on the console.

The problem is that when I add some more simple c++ to the system the printf stops working.
This can be only a couple of class declarations.

Does anybody know what causes this or should semihosting work at all in this instance.