LPCXpresso error programming

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Hello everyone,

I have been using an LPCXpresso program v3.6.2 [Build 279] [29/01/2011] for very long time and something happened wrong last time when I tried use it again. After building my program in C code, my LPCXpresso program shows an error window at very beginning of “Program Flash” action to the LPCXpresso LPC1769. The error consists of: “02: Failed on connect: Ee(02). Not connected to emulator.” I guess that it is something wrong with physical connection between programmer and microcontroller but it is impossible because it is an original one-part board consists of programmer and microcontroller. 

I connect my LPCXpresso board to the computer thru USB cabel which always worked but I also tried use other USB cables and there is no positive results of these changes. For tests I also use other LPCXpresso LPC1769 board (the second one which  I have) and the error still appears during “Program Flashing”.

For more tests I used my board with the LPC1768 (board calls EM-LPC1700, manufactured by embest co.) there is a JTAG 10-pin ARM connector (like on a

LPXXpresso board) and I connected this board to LPC-Link programmer thru my (DIY) 10-pin cabel, changed target from LPC1769 to LPC1768 and I did the same – pressed “Program Flash” button – the same again (the error). For extra more test I installed LPCXpresso program on three different computers (1 x Windows XP SP3, 2 x Widows 7), I activated them and I tried all those combinations of boards, microcontrollers and USB cables but the error didn’t disappear.

Now I don’t know what to do. If someone has or had this problem and solved it well, let me know the solution please. I will be very grateful for this.

Best regards,