Loading to RAM instead of Flash not working in 8.1.2?

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I'm loading my applications into RAM instead of internal Flash even if the µC has such a Flash.
This worked until 8.1.0.
Since I was also a victim of the redlink server problem in 8.1.0 I updated to 8.1.2.
Now the very same(!) project which loaded and debugged perfectly in 8.1.0 does not load in 8.1.2 correctly any more.

I made sure the code is placed on RAM (*.lss file checked), I made sure the reset script is "LPC18LPC43RamReset.scp".
Yet the code does not seem to be loaed into the proper place at 0x10000000.

I can connect to the target, I checked that with the memory monitor (SWD).
Loading & Debugging when using the internal flash works in 8.1.2, BTW.

I change between RAM and Flash configurations by:

- editing the MCU setting (w/ or w/o flash section)
- changing the reset script (internal flash or ram)
- making sure by looking at the *.lss that the code is linked to the correct adresses (just the first time after a change of MCU settings)

As said, up to 8.1.0 this works, with 8.1.2 ist stopped working for RAM as code target.

Has anything changed here?
Do I have to do anything else to convince the tool to load the code into RAM?