CPUID values

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I've been trying to setup a way to determine which mcu is being used (to determine SRAM size, revision number, available pins etc.), and it's easy enough to get the Revision, Part Number, and Variant values from the CPUID register, but I haven't found any information in the datasheet or user manual to say what these values actually mean. For example, the LPC1343FBD48 (QFP48, 8KB SRAM) reports:

Part Number = 0xC23
Variant = 2

How could I determine if this was an LPC1342 (part number = ???), or whether it was a 33 pin QFN or 48 pin QFP chip (variant?), for example? I'd like to make a simple enumeration for the various values, but haven't found this information on NXP's website.