Startup code from ARM doesn't work

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jaguarondi on Mon Feb 15 08:26:02 MST 2010

Could you explain what's the difference between the startup code that LPCXpresso includes with a new project and the one provided by ARM with CMSIS?

I've been trying to compile and debug a new project using the example code from ARM CMSIS but that doesn't work. I can compile correctly but can't debug. As soon as the program is loaded, I get a window called '2 <symbol is not available> 0xb085b480' with 'No source available for ""' as text and a disassembly button which leads to 'Traget request failed: cannot access memory at address 0xb085b480' when clicked.

I'm just trying to understand why things should be different between your startup code and the one from ARM. Obviously the CMSIS documentation requires some functions like "SystemInit" that you're not using. I just wondered why.

Thank you