LPC1225 AIRCR & Sysreset

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gusika on Fri Jan 06 22:50:28 MST 2012
why does not work the code? :
void Reset(void)
    asm("  LDR.N    R0, res1         ");
    asm("  LDR.N    R1, res2         ");
    asm("  CPSID  i                  ");
    asm("  STR      R1, [R0]         ");
    asm("res3:  B  res3              ");
    asm("  NOP                       ");
    asm("res1:  DCD  0xE000ED0C      ");
    asm("res2:  DCD  0x05FA0004      ");
Hw reset or debug reset ok. Sw reset why is not good?
Precise what will happen in the processor?
hw/sw reset is sure not the same! but user manual...