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Discussion created by Michele Da Rold on May 28, 2008
Latest reply on May 30, 2008 by Chris Johns
Hi, I have some problem with codewarrior compiler. I'm using CW 7.0.

My settings are the default setting of a project generated my auto configurator fo MCF52223 MPU.

So I have optimization of level 1,
Parameter passing COMPACT
Code Model FAR
Data Model FAR
I have linked the library

when I try to increase the optimization level in a level 2-3-4 I see a real reduction of code size but my application won't run!!!

I have also try to change Parameter passing in REGISTER and including the library C_4i_CF_RegABI_SZ_MSL.a but the code doesn't run!!

I have also try to change the Parameter passing in REGISTER only and compiling with level 1 optimization.
The code not run but I have see that the code size is the same in all of optimization levels.
If I try level 2-3-4 I reach always the same size in level 1.

Leaving Parameter passing COMPACT and changing the optimization level i see a change of code size....

MY question is now about the optimization. What can I do to use this function? What parameter I need to use it? I need a particular version of CW?

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