QVGA controller: AVRX Display Xplained

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by caprock on Thu Jan 12 14:08:36 MST 2012
I am looking for someone that has interfaced the QVGA TFT 320x240 display from the "Atmel AVRX Display Xplained" to the LPC13/17xx via the SPI I/F.

The LCD Controller is ET024006DHU LCD Module (Emerging Display) used with the HX8347-A (Himax) interface.

Ideally, the code would be usable for Code Red, and the LPC Xpresso 13xx/17xx platforms.

I have seen some MBED to HX8347 solutions, but none using the AVRX platform.

If anyone has done this, I would appreciate any assistance with notes, the connections and/or the driver.

Thanks for the support.