Keil project porting issue ..

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by bmentink on Sun Aug 22 19:00:22 MST 2010
Hi All,

I have just ported across the Keil secondary bootloader code to the LPCXpresso platform. I have everything compiling/linking now except for one piece of code ..

The code is from memory.c:

  Prepare_Copy((unsigned int *)&Load$$RW_IRAM1$$Base,(unsigned int *)&Image$$RW_IRAM1$$RW$$Base,(unsigned int)&Image$$RW_IRAM1$$RW$$Length);
  Prepare_Zero((unsigned int *)&Image$$RW_IRAM1$$ZI$$Base,(unsigned int)&Image$$RW_IRAM1$$ZI$$Length);

From hunting around, it seems it is some specific Keil platform labels so that you can find the location and size of the built image at compile time .. what it's doing I am not sure.

Is there anything equivalent in LPCXpresso? :confused:

Many Thanks,