LPCXpresso import incompatible with WIN 7 64Bit?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by StephenHawkings on Fri Oct 28 04:47:32 MST 2011
Dear Collegues,
since a few days I own a new computer with Windows 7 64Bit Professional edition. I installed LPCXpresso 4.1.0 and now face the problem, that I can not import anything at all. Independent of, to import just a single file, or a complete project, I get as a result unwanted, super-long pathes. The path copies itself again and again into the path. Now I have this:


And of course, it's not possible to delete it. Only with Linux-CDROM or other foreign tools I can delete this path.

Does anybody have a clue, how to solve this trouble?

Best regards!