How to define a build variable

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I want to define a build variable ( with a value ) and keep it in the project properties.  There seems to be a place for this in "properties->C/C++ build->Build Variables"  however I can not get this to work when I build. 

I have a variable "blabla" with a value 1, of type string.  ( everything is in debug configuration )
I have tried placing this in the properties for my project and in the properties of the referenced item where the #if resides.  Have tried with the "Show system variables" checked and unchecked in the Build Variables dialog.

In my code I have 

#if(blabla == 1)
code here
other code here

The if clause continues to be greyed out.
If I place the define #define blabla 1 in my header file, it works.

Should this work from the project files or am I missing something.