ADC sampling rate causes hard fault

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Working on LPC11C14 which should have a max ADC frequency of 400kHz.

Debug Register view shows:
Fault PC   = 0x000001FE
           = ADC_Init + 146 in section .text   <----- what does this mean? The 146 I mean
           = File: ../example/src/adc.c  Line: 74

//Must be performed before each ADC-Measurement
void ADC_Init(uint8_t channel)
if(channel == 0)
Gain1Time = EEPROM_GetGain1Time();
Gain2Time = EEPROM_GetGain2Time();
Gain3Time = EEPROM_GetGain3Time();
SampleQuantity = EEPROM_GetSampleQuantity();

Chip_IOCON_PinMuxSet(LPC_IOCON, UltrasonicPin, FUNC2);
Chip_ADC_Init(LPC_ADC, &ADCSetup);                                        //Default Setup 400kHz/10bit
Chip_ADC_SetSampleRate(LPC_ADC, &ADCSetup, EEPROM_GetADCFrequ()));//Set Rate to X kHz
Chip_ADC_EnableChannel(LPC_ADC, TempChannel, DISABLE);
Chip_ADC_EnableChannel(LPC_ADC, UltrasonicChannel, ENABLE);

else if(channel == 1)
Chip_IOCON_PinMuxSet(LPC_IOCON, TempPin, FUNC2);
Chip_ADC_Init(LPC_ADC, &ADCSetup);//Default Setup 400kHz/10bit
Chip_ADC_SetSampleRate(LPC_ADC, &ADCSetup, 10000);//Set Rate to 10kHz
Chip_ADC_EnableChannel(LPC_ADC, UltrasonicChannel, DISABLE);
Chip_ADC_EnableChannel(LPC_ADC, TempChannel, ENABLE);
} <-------------- Line 74

The problem seems to be in the "Chip_ADC_SetSampleRate(LPC_ADC, &ADCSetup, EEPROM_GetADCFrequ()));". If the Frequency loaded is for example 200kHz or below, everything works fine. Even 300kHz works. But if I try to set it to 400kHz, it doesn't work anymore. (Even if i do it manually by changing it to:
Chip_ADC_SetSampleRate(LPC_ADC, &ADCSetup, 400000);