LPC1111/201 PIO 3.4 3.5 output issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by iancaddy on Tue Jul 26 23:57:42 MST 2011
I am using a LPC1111F/201 processor in a design, and I am trying to setup PIO3_5 as outputs and drive it low.

(Edited as was 3.4 and 3.5, but turns out 3.4 was user error, only still having problems with 3.5)

AHBCLKCTRL (0x40048080) = 0x00011a5f

IOCON_PIO3_5 (0x40044048) = 0x00D0 (default, but have also tried 0x00C8 and 0xC0)
GPIO3DIR (0x50038000) = 0x0034 (outputs, 3_2, 3_4, 3_5)
GPIO3DATA (0x50030000) = 0x0000 (all outputs OFF/0)

The problem is the output 3_5 is sitting at about 3.2V respectively with nothing connected to it.

Has anyone a solution or a similar issue?