LPCUSBlib - USBD library confusion

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sturzi on Fri Mar 06 08:08:34 MST 2015
I am evaluating the LPCOpen USB solutions and after reading through the documentation and looking at the code I am thoroughly confused.
Here are some of the questions that popped up, hopefully someone can provide some answers:

- Where is the documentation for LPCUSBlib? The only thing I found was for the old 1.03 release.

- LPCUSBlib supports both drivers in ROM and in software, but it is for example not included in LPCOpen for LPC11U68.
   - Are not all chips with ROM drivers supported? I assumed the USBD ROM API is the same for all of these?

- Is there an overview which USB solution supports which chips?

- What are the major differences between LPCUSBlib and the USBD library (apart from the missing host support)?

- What are the plans for the future, will one of these die, will they be merged, or coexist?

- Which one is the preferred solution to make sure upcoming chips are supported as well?

- Is there source code available for the USBD library?