LPC15xx: Using SCT as a simple timer...

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LPCOpen for LPC15xx offers a lot, but nothing I found to use the SCT as a [u]simple[/u] timer.
LPCOpen documentation starts with a missing module 'State Configurable Timer driver'. Just 'State Configurable Timer PWM driver' is there, although the package contains sct_15xx.c and sct15xx.h.
There I miss functions like Chip_SCT_ReadCount, Chip_SCT_ReadCountL and Chip_SCT_ReadCountH. UM10736 talks only about writing this register?

And from my point of view:
- The function Chip_SCT_SetCount uses the member COUNT_U
- The function Chip_SCT_SetCountL uses the member COUNT_L
- The function Chip_SCT_SetCountH uses the member COUNT_H

So why isn't 'Chip_SCT_SetCount' not named 'Chip_SCT_SetCountU'?

Edit: Corrected typo in the last sentence, so last character is 'U'.