LPC800 mini kit - cannot enter ISP & Reset mode

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gazelle on Mon May 20 00:02:18 MST 2013

Hello - I have similar phenomenon - Initially the LPC800 mini board was entering ISP boot mode (http://www.lpcware.com/lpc800-mini-kit).

I downloaded latest FlashMagic ... 7.47.3157 and connection with board was established and was able to read back Device signature ...

However later I erased first the memory and Flashed<strong> LPC810M021FN8</strong> device  with LPC810_Blinky_0_2.hex(https://github.com/microbuilder/LPC810_CodeBase/tree/master/tools)

and observed that:

<li>I cannot reset any longer the device (NGX board OM13002+598) - (pushing reset button does not affect the blinking process)</li>
<li>I cannot enter ISP mode any longer ... pushing ISP button (+reset button) does not enter device in ISP mode, blinking process continues</li>

So I also noticed I had "Erase all Flash+Code Rd Prot" flag ON during Erase process - could this affect the initial bootloader to become erased ?

Another assumption is that the pin configuration file is wrong and causes ISP mode to become inaccessible ... -

Does any one knows how I can put these devices back into ISP mode ?

Is the pin assignment file the cause or is also the factory bootloader erased ?

I have attached the settings of FlashMagic as I used it to flash the demo *.hex file

Thanks for all help !