Problem with using Chip_IAP_ReinvokeISP() function to enable boot loader mode.

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by ayoung on Wed Jun 03 08:11:20 MST 2015
I am trying to enable the ISP boot loader from within our application to support software controlled firmware updates.

I have called the Chip_IAP_ReinvokeISP() function and then start the ISP sequence by sending the single character '?' to the chip via the USB-UART bridge in the LPC54102 MCU board.
The chip replies with the response "Synchronized\r\n" string.
I respond with the by echoing back the "Synchronized\r\n" string and would expect to see this echoed back followed by the string "OK\r\n"
However I don't get the echoed response, only a garbled string. After this point no further boot loader commands work.

I have also tested entering the boot loader using the ISP button in combination with the Reset button. In this case the same sequence of boot loader commands works as expected.

Is there any example code available that shows how to enter the boot loader from application code?