The relation between EOT, SSD, and SSEL on LPC54102 ?????

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I need to send 24 bits out. 
first 8 bits in the first write to TXDATCTL without EOT. and then  send 4 bits  with EOT

In other word,  not allow  Deassert  (SSEL change)  between 8 and 16 bits.

I use STALLED state to judge first 8 bits has sent, and then send 16 bits. (is this right?)

but when I use  logic analyzer to check SPI signals, find  SSEL change (CS signal)  between 8 and 16 bits.!!

What's wrong with it?

I debuged step by step, sure cleared  EOT bit  in TXCTL before 8 bits, set it befor 16 bits,
and no SDD state after  8 bits.

so why are there  SSEL change sinal between 8 and 16 bits seen on logic analyzer ????

as I know , only when I set EOT,  then SSD and SSEL change generate after send.
when I clear EOT,  then  no SSD and no SSEL change generate after send.

but now when I clear  EOT, no SSD (with code debug) but have SEEL change  (with logic analyzer),