OM13021 debugging

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I bought the OM13021: NGX LPC11U14 Evaluation Board

It should feature an on-board debugger and should be SWD debuggable through CooCox_CoIDE.

Problem is, CoIDE doesn't support the LPC11U14 nor does the LPCExpresso support the on-board debugger.
The on-board debugger isn't recognized by Windows 7 64bit and the external drivers didn't help either (ColinkExUsbDriver, the device is identified by windows as "other device" under the name COOCOX COLINKEX).

I also tried Keil uVision ver. 4 and ver. 5. That didn't work either since the debugger isn't listed and I don't know which one to use.

On top of everything, the drivers, the IDE and everything else is either deprecated or very old.

This board is advertised as an LPCXpresso board by some distributors and I find it highly misleading.

Seriously speaking: I've spent a good two working days trying to get a simple blink to compile and debug on the board without success.
I'd really, really, really like a refund or a WORKING evaluation board of the LPC11U14 MCU.