Programm on-chip flash memory with IAP-Functions

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by wama on Wed Oct 02 01:28:20 MST 2013
Hello everyone,

I try to get started the IAP-Function for programming and erasing the on-chip flash memory.

In my project I've already implemented the functions from AN10995.

On the LPC1115F/303 all the routines are working. I have no problems erasing and programming one or more flash sectors.

However on the LPC1112FHI33/202 the "CopyRAMToFlash" routine doesn't work. The return value is "IAP_STA_SRC_ADDR_NOT_MAPPED".

Does anybody know the reason for this problem?

The LPC1112 which I am using belongs to another serie. Maybe there is something missing. But I didn't find any informations.

Thank you.