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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Muis on Sat Dec 08 05:59:46 MST 2012
I need some guidelines to optimize my firmware for low power usage. One of the most obvious are:

- Disable unused pheripals
- Run the CPU at a lower clockrate
- Call __WFI instruction often

When looking for other options, I came across the 'power profiles' in the manual. One of them is PWR_EFFICIENCY.

"This setting was designed to find a balance between active current and
the CPU’s ability to execute code and process data. In this mode the device outperforms
the default mode both in terms of providing higher CPU performance and lowering active

Can someone give a description what actually happens behind the scenes when you disable this? Does it have any downsides? If not, why is PWR_EFFICIENCY not enabled by default?