M0 image boot failure in LPC4350FET256

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by vinod9990 on Mon Jun 09 21:38:57 MST 2014
I am using  NXP microcontroller part no. LPC4350FET256 with 32 MB SPIFI Flash (S25FL256S) and 32 MB SDRAM. I downloaded basic code "lpc43xx_dualcore_freertos_basic_05012012.zip"
from link given below:-http://www.lpcware.com/content/contribproj/lpc43xx-dual-core-freertosx2-project-ipc
I added spifi_drv_M4.lib and Fast_startup.c files to run core-M4 at 204 Mhz frequency and configure clock for SPIFI flash and EMC SDRAM.
I compiled my code at Keil U-vision v4 for Core-M4 and Core-M0 successfully but after porting .bin file to SPI Flash at address 0x8000 0000 by using ULINK-2, facing following technical problems:-
1). Core-M4 is working fine. RED_GPIO_PIN_BIT is blinking the RED LED in Core-M4. But GREEN and BLUE LEDs not blinking in Core-M0. It means core-M0 is not running. I am not able to debug the Core-M0 by ULINK-2 on SWD.
2).I modify Programming Algorithm project for Ext. flash SPI S25FL256S and scatter loading file according to requirement but it’s not solve my issues. Please share any technical data related to Programming Algorithm and Scatter loading file.

I require technical help to solve these issues. Please help, I am waiting for valuable response.