How do I get started with USB on lpc4370 (lpc link v2)?

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I'm looking to send lots of data from the ADC, I'd like error-correction (or at least something like a CRC and a packet re-send) so no streamed packets are dropped, and maybe a compression algorithm if the data throughput starts to get high enough.

I've found some USB examples, but they don't mention anything about data streaming and making sure there's no dropped packets.

[1] mentions "LPCUSBLib, an open-source USB device and host stack", but clicking on "LPCUSBLib" [2] brings up a page with a download link along with a red banner stating:
"The nxpUSBlib software package is now obsoleted by the new LPCOpen Platform which can be found here."

clicking "here" just redirects back to [1]
1. http://www.lpcware.com/content/project/lpcopen-platform-nxp-lpc-microcontrollers
2. http://www.lpcware.com/content/project/nxpusblib

From there clicking "Click here to go to the LPCOpen product family download page"
and then clicking "LPCOpen v2.xx for LPC43xx family devices" finally takes me to:

But downloading http://www.lpcware.com/system/files/lpcopen_2_04_lpcxpresso_nxp_lpclink2_4370.zip
(LPC-Link 2 (LPC4370) board v2.04)
doesn't actually seem to include a USB demo.