vcom_connected() == FALSE Ubuntu Linux 14.04 - Use USB for Serial Monitor

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by a_bet on Fri Mar 18 07:14:02 MST 2016
Hi everyone,
I'm new to lpcxpresso and to the arm world. I've bought a lpcxpresso 43s37 board, which is doing fine with all the lpcopen examples i've tried.
In order to do some ADC and dsplay the data I'd like to set up the serial monitor.
Sadly I don't have a usb-uart adaptor so I'm trying to use the vcom on J5 as said in the docs.
When I build and debug the usbd_rom_cdc_vcom example from the LPCOpen folder everything seems ok, and the debug console gives no error. But the simply anything happens: no Hello World printed on the Console.
Observing the Step Over execution I noticed that the 1st if statement in the superloop is always false.
The superloop is as follows

while (1) {
/* Check if host has connected and opened the VCOM port */
if ((vcom_connected() != 0) && (prompt == 0)) {
vcom_write("Hello World!!\r\n", 15);
prompt = 1;
/* If VCOM port is opened echo whatever we receive back to host. */
if (prompt) {
rdCnt = vcom_bread(&g_rxBuff[0], 256);
if (rdCnt) {
vcom_write(&g_rxBuff[0], rdCnt);
/* Sleep until next IRQ happens */

So, it seems that the VCOM is actually NOT connected.
Since in the readme.txt is given no advice for linux users I'm quie stuck at this point.

Any hint woulb be higly appreciated,
thanks in advance