Any planned support for Instruction Trace with the LPC4088 in LPCXpresso?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sgoadhouse on Tue Jul 01 08:10:29 MST 2014
I have been working with the LPCXpresso IDE (7.2.0) and the Embedded Artists LPC4088 Quick Start Board. I have run into an issue which results in the code dropping into the Hard Fault exception. Instruction Trace, which is technically possible with the LPC4088, would easily help locate the issue. However, the LPCXpresso IDE appears to only support the following targets at the moment:

  [*]LPC8xx (MTB)
  [*]LPC11U6x (MTB)
  [*]LPC18xx (ETM/ETB)
  [*]LPC43xx (ETM/ETB)

Does anyone know of any plans on supporting the LPC4088 in the near future?