LPC1857 jump to USB/DFU bootloader from the application

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by g.seidl on Tue Mar 11 05:35:14 MST 2014
We want to use the USB/DFU mechanism to update our firmware.
The USB/DFU loader is already implementetd in the boot rom.
The USB/DFU loader starts normally on power up if the Boot mode = USB0
and the boot pin P2_7  = high.
This works.

But we want to jump to the USB/DFU loader (in the boot rom) from our firmware (in the internal flash).
How can we jump to the USB/DFU loader (without reset, without powerup, without P2_7 = high) ?

Background: We don't want to have a boot jumper.

Any ideas ?

Thank you!