Applcation Task not getting invoked by micro c OS after posting the message to the queue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ramakrishna.boyina on Thu Nov 21 05:23:46 MST 2013
Hi All,

I am using Keil MCB 1800 eval board (LPC1857) with micro C OS and  IAR tool chain.

My application using two UARTS, one UART (UART0) for debug messages and another UART (UART3) for interfacing to other hardware.
My application has one sec periodic timer, two OS tasks (one task for timer and another task for UART messages), and UART3 ISR.

Uart Task will wait for message queue (by calling OSQPend).
After receiving message from UART, I am posting message to message queue. The task is executed and processed the message. After processing message, again i am waiting for message (by calling OSQPend)

THis is my sequence of flow. The application is working for couple of hours (1-4 hours). After that UART task not getting executed at all.
But i am receiving message from UART and getting posting error as OS_ERR_Q_MAX after 10 messages posted.

COuld you tell what could be the reason why task is not getting called.

thanks & Regards