problem with IAP-based internal flash programming.

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I'm working with "SimpleCortex" board, and have been stumbling on an issue with flash programming using the IAP functions.  Basic implementation of flash write/erase is very straight forward; however, there are times when I need to just clear (write) one bit (changing it from a '1' to a '0') while leaving all other bits within a 256-byte range unchanged.  I assume I am allowed to do this, as long as I read in the 256-byte block to ram, make the single-bit change, and then write that block back to the flash.  Is this a valid assumption?

If it is, then more information on how I reproduce this problem is found here:

<a href="http://www.brc-electronics.nl/component/kunena/5-Programming-and-software/565-flash-programming-problem?Itemid=0#568">http://www.brc-electronics.nl/component/kunena/5-Programming-and-software/565-flash-programming-problem?Itemid=0#568</a>

Sure would be nice if someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong.  This problem appears to be VERY data dependent; hence the reason for my use of what appears to be a random block of data (its not actually random, but its what I was using when I noticed the problem).

Thanks for any ideas!