LPC1769 USB host MSC with FreeRTOS

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by terrype on Thu Oct 09 21:16:49 MST 2014
I am using
LPC1769 RevB expreso board, LPC expresso IDE 7.3 and LPCOPen 2.0
USB host msc on the example is working fine,  FreeRtosblink example is working well.

I add (create) extra usb task on the freeRtos blink example using working example from usb host msc , it can compile, build and download without error but while running it goes to hrdfault error. the map file indiacte it only use 8K + RAM and 30K + Flash

Q1. What could be the issue? or if anyone sucessfully complete the USB host MSC with FreeRtos, please share