USB "Time out error"

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jonas2 on Mon Sep 16 07:27:55 MST 2013
I try to set up the USB module in device slave mode and connect it to a Win XP pc. This is the message sequence:

1) The host send "Get Device Descriptor" to address 0
2) The device answers.
3) The host send "Set Address", set the address to 2
4) The host send "Get Device Desriptor" to address 2.
5) The device sends the descriptor and get a USB error interrupt. The error code read with   the SIE command 0xFF ( Get Error Code) is 0110 "Time Out Error".

The USB analyzer that I use issue a "Invalid PID sequence" error.

I use a LPC1778 and the nxpUSBlib. Any ideas of what the cause of this error might be?