AN11085 Speex Keil Example Voice.h

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by czmorris on Sat Jul 07 10:20:53 MST 2012
I have been working with AN11085 (The Keil example which reads its speex encoded audio from mail_voice in voice.h)

I am using MCB1758 and the example itself works just fine. It uses the example audio "The navy attacked the big task force, The hat brim was wide and too droopy" example from the speex website. My problem is that I cannot take the wav file example from their website and turn it into data that matches what I see in voice.h.

I have tried:
1.) Using speexenc to encode the file using the sampling/bitrate settings from voice.h. (Playing back the .spx file on PC with speexdrop works just fine)
2.) Directly using the pcm wav data (Clearly too much data when done this way)

Note that a program called hexy was used to convert the raw data after encoding into a c array which can be placed in voice.h. I have confirmed this process works by comparing with a hex editor.

So now that you know all that... I am trying to determine how I can take the pcm wav example provided by speex and recompile it into the program. Once I have done this I can recompile my own clips for testing.