TFT LCD Video Compare Interrupt is NOT working properly

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Hello All,

I Have my own custom build LPC1788 board.
i am able to make my TFT LCD 320x240 work with external SDRAM.
Everything works fine as expected.

But for some reason i need to use LCD's Vertical compare interrupt.
When i enabled it and if i use my IAR debugger to set break point on the ISR then it triggers the ISR.
But if i run without break point then it some time triggers for only once or twice but never again.
still My TFT LCD is displaying a steady nice picture without any problem.
my LCD's Horizontal,vertical sync & LCD DOT Clock  could be observerd on oscilloscope at the correct frequency and are very stable.
i am running the lpc1788 at 96Mhz.

My code to enable the vertical compare interrupt

volatile __no_init __READ_WRITE unsigned long ISER1 @ 0xE000E104;

   LCD_INTMSK = (1 << 3); //Enable Vertical compare interrupt
   ISER1 |= (1 << 5);   //Enable LCD Controller's Interrupt
//Enable LCD Controller
   LCD_CTRL = (6 << 1) | (1 << 5) | (1 << 11);
   LCD_CTRL |= (1 << 0); //Enable LCD Signals


void LCD_IRQHandler(void)   <------- execute only once or twice not any further
   static unsigned int msk = 0;
   if (LCD_INTSTAT & (1 << 3)) //if vertical sync interrupt
      LCD_INTCLR = 0xf;
         msk = 1;
         FIO5PIN |= KEY_ROW_MASK; //Just toggle the pin to observe the ISR's execution on oscilloscope
         msk = 0;
         FIO5PIN &= ~KEY_ROW_MASK;//Just toggle the pin to observe the ISR's execution on oscilloscope
      LCD_INTCLR = 0xf;

Please help me solve this problem.