How to install LPC17xx USB VComm driver in windows without users knowledge?

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by sathyan on Sun Nov 02 08:01:52 MST 2014

I am using LPC17xx USB VComm Example in LPC1756 Microcontroller to communicate with PC over USB. The sample code provides the LPC17xx USB Vcomm driver file also.

My application demands that the user should not be asked to install the driver file manually. The user should be able to use my application just like a plug and play device like a pen drive.

I am new to the device drivers and i don't know how an USB Pendrive is installed without asking the user to install any drivers.

I want the USB Virtual Com port to be installed in windows without the users knowledge.

Please help me how do i install the driver for the LPC1756 USB Virtual Com port without asking the user to locate the driver.

Is there any possiblity to use the native windows driver itself? 

Is there any other device class that can make a simple USB communication like the serial port with the driver installation happening automatically?

I focus on the users ease of use on the application perspective. please help me.