LPC1342 problem booting the device in USB MSC mode

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by pdpro on Sat Aug 31 06:15:53 MST 2013
      With reference to LPC1343 breakout board I've designed my own board using LPC1342with some added feature. Initially when I connect the device, windows detect it as CRP DISABLED which is as it should be. For instant check of hardware I used NXP ISP utility program & programmed the device with blinky program of LPC1343 compatible (LPC1342 program is not available on NXP site).  Blink is working fine  :)   & the device manager shows the device as Human Interface Devices(HID-compliant device).

     Now I want the bootloader to boot the device again in USB MSC mode. My hardware for putting device in USB MSC is exact replica of reference design. But nothing happens when I use combination of RESET+ISP to put the device in USB MSC mode.  :(  How can I reprogram my device?   :quest:

     I made some electrical check of my hardware & found out the the ISP pin (PIO0_1/USB_FTOGGLE ) is always low. What does it signify? Is the blink program for LPC1343 used on LPC1342 is problem? Does ISP pin goes always low when the device is in USB HID mode?   :quest: